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Home » Expected DA Calculator from July 2024: 54% for Central Govt Employees

Expected DA Calculator from July 2024: 54% for Central Govt Employees

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Dearness Allowance 2024: Dearness Allowance (DA) is extra money given by the government to its employees and pensioners to help them deal with the rising cost of living due to inflation. The government tries to control inflation, but prices often change based on market conditions.

Expected DA Calculator from July 2024 for Central Government Employees: Our website,, has a tool called the Expected DA Calculator. This tool is used to estimate the Dearness Allowance (DA) for Central Government employees, pensioners, and family pensioners from July 2024. The DA, which is a key part of salary, pension is updated twice a year based on basic pay.

Expected DA Calculation Overview – July 2024:

The government uses the DA to protect its employees from the negative effects of inflation. The amount of DA an employee gets can vary based on where they live – city, town, or village. So, the DA is different for each employee.

Expected DA CalculatorA tool for predicting Dearness Allowance
BeneficiariesCentral Government Employees & Pensioners
AICPINAll India Consumer Price Index Number
CPI-2001AICPIN (IW) as of 2001
CPI-2016AICPIN (IW) as of 2016
FormulaBased on the 7th Pay Commission
Release DateUpdated twice a year, in January & July
Current DA Rate50% starting from January 2024
Expected DA RatePredicted to be 54% from July 2024
Home PageClickable link on the website
dearness allowance calculator

This table provides a quick overview of the Expected DA Calculator for Central Government Employees and Pensioners. It shows the current and expected DA rates, the formula used, and more. For detailed information, you can visit the home page.

How to Calculate Dearness Allowance (DA)?

The Dearness Allowance (DA) for Central government employees and pensioners is calculated using a simple formula. This formula uses two main factors: the Current Consumer Price Index and the Average Consumer Price Index. These indices are updated monthly and represent the cost of living. The base year for these indices was updated from 2001 to 2016. To calculate the DA, we first adjust the data to match the new base year, and then apply the formula:

Dearness Allowance (DA)=Average IndexCurrent Index – Average Index​×100

This calculation helps determine the DA, which is a key part of the salary or pension for Central government employees and pensioners.

Expected DA Calculator July 2024:

MonthCPI 2001CPI 2016DA%

Calculate DA AICPIN:

The AICPIN (All India Consumer Price Index Number) is crucial for finding Dearness Allowance (DA) for Central Government employees and retirees. The DA calculation uses the most recent version of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) for Industrial Workers, which has a base year of 2016=100. The Labour Bureau publishes the data from the previous month at the end of each month. To calculate the DA percentage for the current month, you need to have the AICPIN numbers for the past 12 months, including the current month. The calculation can be done following some below steps.

Calculate Expected DA July 2024 Here:

To figure out the Expected Dearness Allowance (DA), you need to look at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data from the last 12 months. This data is used in a formula set by the 7th Pay Commission, which has been used since 2016.

If you want to work out the DA for January 2024, you need to look at the All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (AICPIN) data from January 2023 to December 2023. You then find the average of this data. After that, you take the given Fitment Factor of 261.42 and work out the excess value. The final number, rounded to the nearest whole number, gives you the DA percentage.

MonthAICPIN 2016AICPIN 2001
12 Months Total4714
12 Months Average1636.8
% Increase Over 261.4250.26
Jan 2024 DA%50

DA Calculation Sheet – Calculate Your DA Now:

July 202562%
January 202558%
July 202454%
January 202450%
July 202346%
January 202342%
July 202238%
January 202234%
July 202131%
January 202128% (Paid from July-21)
July 202024% (Not Paid)
January 202021% (Not Paid)
July 201917%
January 201912%
July 20189%
January 20187%
July 20175%
January 20174%
July 20162%
January 20160%

July 2024 DA Calculation in 6 Stages | Jan-Jul 2024:

There are some problems with figuring out the Dearness Allowance (DA) for July 2024. The main issue is that the Labour Bureau is not giving out the AICPIN data correctly, which is causing delays. We are hoping this will be fixed soon.

The first step of calculating the DA for Central Government workers and pensioners from July 2024 is done. According to the 7th Pay Commission’s formula, the DA percentage has gone up to 50.85%.

The next step has been delayed because the Labour Bureau did not release the AICPIN data for February 2024 as planned on 28th March 2024.

The final step is supposed to be finished by April 30, 2024. But, the Labour Bureau not released the AICPIN data on time, so the DA calculation for February and March 2024 is still waiting to be done.

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