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Verizon Settlement Payout Latest Update – Amount Per, Person Payout Date

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Once the court approves, qualified customers might get up to $100 from the Verizon Settlement. But, the final amount could be less. It depends on how many valid claims are made and how long the customer paid the charges during the settlement period.

Verizon Settlement Payout New Update:

The last date to file a claim for the $100 million Verizon Settlement was April 15, 2024. This is related to a lawsuit about Verizon’s extra charges affecting some U.S. customers.

Even though the claim filing deadline is over, the settlement is still waiting for final approval. Once approved by the court and all appeals are sorted, payments will start, likely by the third quarter of 2024. The exact timeline isn’t clear as it depends on legal processes. So, customers who’ve filed a claim should keep an eye on updates to know when to expect their payout.

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Who is Eligible for Verizon Settlement Payout?

People who used Verizon’s services and faced extra charges between January 1, 2016, and November 8, 2023, can get a share of the settlement. This includes both existing and former users.

The settlement is for charges that weren’t properly communicated to customers. Each person who qualifies could receive a payment, with a maximum of $100 per person.

Verizon Settlement Payout Per Person?

The Verizon Settlement is a $100 million agreement Verizon made due to some charges that weren’t clearly explained to customers.

How much each person gets from the settlement will change. It depends on how many valid claims are made and how long each person was a Verizon customer.

People can expect to get at least $15, but no more than $100. The final amount will be decided after the settlement is fully approved and all appeals are handled.

When will the Verizon Settlement get final approval and how much time will it take to process payment?

The final approval for the Verizon Settlement is still not confirmed. A court hearing was held on March 22, 2024, in New Jersey to decide on the settlement details.

The time it’ll take to process payments isn’t known yet. After the settlement gets approved, payments will be made by check or electronic payment. But, there might be delays like in past settlements.

The result of the hearing hasn’t been shared publicly. Once the settlement is finally approved, those who are eligible will be told, and payments will start. But, it’s hard to say exactly when this will happen.

Verizon Settlement Lawsuit Overview:

The Verizon Settlement Lawsuit started in New Jersey. It’s about Verizon adding extra charges to its customers’ bills.

The lawsuit claims that some Verizon customers in the U.S. were billed more than the advertised price because of an added “administrative charge”.

Customers argue that Verizon didn’t clearly list these charges on their bills, which which misled them. Even though Verizon denies any wrongdoing, it has agreed to pay $100 million to settle the dispute. This is a significant settlement, as it’s one of the biggest ones related to administrative fees.

These fees were used for things like paying rent and maintaining cell sites. As part of the settlement, Verizon has promised to be more transparent about its fees in the future.

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