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Snap benefits in 2024 – Will 2024 snap increase? Check Chart & Upcoming Updates

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The US is currently facing some economic and social challenges. To help those most in need, the government is reconsidering who should be eligible for food stamps in 2024. These changes to the food stamp program, also known as SNAP, could affect many states and people. This article discusses what these changes could be and how they might impact certain states and their residents.

Changes in Food Stamps 2024:

SNAP, also known as the food stamps program, helps people with low income in the US buy food. People who qualify get a card, like a debit card, that they can use to buy groceries. The program aims to fight hunger and improve nutrition for people who are struggling financially. Each state has different rules about who can get these benefits. Recently, some states have been thinking about changing these rules.

NameFood Stamps Changes 2024
States Expected to be AffectedKentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, West Virginia
CategoryFinancial Aid
Who it’s forLow-income people
Age Limit18+ years
Payment FrequencyEvery month
Payment MethodOnline (EBT Cards)
Latest PaymentJune 2024
2024 snap increase

Changes in the SNAP program in different states:

Kentucky: They’re thinking about making it harder to qualify for SNAP. They want to lower the income limits and consider people’s savings and other assets.

Maryland: They’re considering limiting what kinds of food people can buy with SNAP. The idea is to encourage healthier eating, but it might limit people’s choices.

Nebraska and West Virginia: These states are looking at requiring some people on SNAP to join work or job training programs. This could affect more people than it does now.

StateProposed Changes
KentuckyLower income limits and introduce asset tests
MarylandLimit types of eligible food purchases
Nebraska and West VirginiaRequire work or job training for certain recipients

New eligibility criteria for Food Stamps:

Age Expansion for Work Requirements: Before, adults aged 18 to 50 without dependents had to work to get SNAP benefits. They needed to work at least 80 hours per month or join a work program. Starting in October 2024, this might include adults up to age 54.

Income Eligibility: To get SNAP benefits, your monthly income can’t be more than 130% of the poverty level. Here are the income limits based on how many people are in your family:

Location1-2 members3 members4 members
48 States, DC, Guam, Virgin Islands$1,580$2,137$2,694

2024 Snap Increase:

  1. Submit your application for SNAP in the state where you live. You can do this at your local SNAP office or online.
  2. Make sure you meet the income and resource limits for SNAP. These limits change every year.
  3. Give information about your income and how many people live in your house.
  4. To find out if your application was accepted, you can contact your local SNAP office, use their online portal, or call the SNAP helpline.

As for the changes in 2024, the governments of Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska, and West Virginia are still deciding what changes to make to the SNAP program. It might take some time before they decide which changes to make

 Here’s a detailed chart showing the SNAP increase for 2024:

Household Size2023 Allotment2024 AllotmentPercentage Increase
Each Additional Person$211$2193.8%

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