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Check School Summer Holidays and Reopen Dates 2024-25: State Wise

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School Summer Vacation Holidays and Reopen Date 2024-25 in India: In India, the announcement of summer holidays for schools brings happiness to students and parents. We are all waiting for the official dates. The state government decides these dates, keeping the children’s welfare in mind.

In this article, we are discussing the summer vacation schedule and reopen dates for schools in India. The summer break is essential due to the severe heat from April to June. Most schools in India will reopen in mid-June, but some states have extended holidays until the first week of July. We will share the exact holiday and reopening dates soon.

Summer Holidays for KV schools in India 2024-25:

In summer 2024, Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) schools will have a summer break. Most KV schools will start their holidays on May 12, 2024, and reopen on June 20, 2024, after a 40-day break. But in Mahe, the break starts on April 8, 2024, and ends on May 27, 2024, lasting 50 days.

For KV schools in Gurugram, the summer break is from May 15, 2024, to May 24, 2024, a 10-day break. In Dehradun, the break is from May 14, 2024, to June 2, 2024, a 20-day break.

In Leh, Karghil, Ladakh, the summer break for KV schools is from July 15, 2024, to August 3, 2024, a 20-day break. Stay tuned for more updates!

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State-wise Summer Holidays and Reopen Dates in India 2024:

Note these dates can vary, so stay tuned for latest updates!

  • Bihar: Students get a break from April 15 to May 15. Schools reopen on May 16.
  • Delhi: The summer break starts on May 11 and ends on June 30.
  • Karnataka: Holidays start on April 11 and end on May 28 or 29.
  • Andhra Pradesh: The break is from April 24 to June 11. Schools reopen on June 12.
  • Arunachal Pradesh: Summer holidays are from June 17 to July 19. Schools reopen on July 22.
  • Tamil Nadu: The break starts on May 6. The reopening date will be announced later.
  • Chhattisgarh: Due to the heat, the break is from April 22 to June 15.

Please click on “View” to check the specific dates for each state or union territory. Stay tuned for updates!

State/Union TerritorySummer Holidays & Reopen Date 2024
Uttar PradeshView
Andaman & NicobarView
D&D Haveli and D&DView
Himachal PradeshView
West BengalView
Madhya PradeshView
Jammu & KashmirView

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