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IRS Get My Payment 2024: Check Using SSN & Date Of Birth at

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The IRS had a tool, ‘Get My Payment’, to track stimulus checks. It’s not available now, but was useful. You can check your payment amount in your online account. You needed your SSN, birth date, and address to use the tool.

IRS Get My Payment:

The IRS had a tool called ‘Get My Payment’ to check the status of stimulus checks. But it’s not available now. If you didn’t get a payment or got less, you can claim a Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 or 2021 tax return. You can find the payment amounts in your Online Account or IRS notices like Notice 1444 and Letter 6475. If you’re married and file jointly, both spouses should check their own accounts or letters.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government gave financial help to its citizens through stimulus checks. The IRS made a tool called ‘Get My Payment’ to help people track and manage these payments. To use the tool, you needed to give personal info like your Social Security Number, date of birth, and address.


How to Check IRS My Payment Status? 

Go to the IRS website at Click on the ‘Get My Payment’ button. Enter your SSN or ITIN, birth date, and address. Answer some security questions to prove it’s you. You can then see your payment status, payment date, and update your bank info if needed. Keep checking back for any updates on your payment.

How to Claim a Missing Payment?

First, check your payment status using the IRS ‘Get My Payment’ tool. Make sure you’re eligible for the payment. If the tool says your payment was sent but you didn’t get it, reach out to the IRS for help. If you didn’t get a payment and you should have, you can claim it on your tax return as a Recovery Rebate Credit.

What to do if Refund Is Delayed?

If your tax refund is taking longer than expected, it could be due to mistakes on your return, missing info, problems with tax credits, or your return needing more review. Also, during busy times, there can be delays.

You can check your refund status using the ‘Where’s My Refund?’ tool on the IRS website. If your refund is really late or you’re having problems, you might want to contact the IRS or get help from a tax expert.

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