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Earned Income Tax Credit Schedule 2024, Eligibility, Amount and How to claim?

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In the U.S., tax season started on January 29. Many people are waiting for their tax refunds, and some might have already gotten them. Those who applied for EITC/ACTC credits can also look forward to their refunds soon.

Earned Income Tax Credit Schedule 2024:

The U.S. government gives tax refunds to help taxpayers financially. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers extra credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to boost these refunds. EITC is for low-to-moderate income workers and families, and the amount depends on their income and number of kids.

If you claimed these credits, your refund might be delayed due to the PATH Act. Normally, the IRS sends refunds within 21 days of filing, but with these credits, they hold the refunds until mid-February.

Now, as we’re in mid-june, if you filed your taxes with EITC/ACTC electronically, without any errors, and chose direct deposit, you can expect your refund. We’ve also prepared an EITC 2024 schedule for clarity.

Event Date
Tax refund approvalAfter 15 Feb 2024
Tax Refund Date 27 Feb (direct depositors)
Paper check refundsMarch 2024
eitc refund schedule 2024

If you’re getting your tax refund by paper check, it might take a week to get to you in the mail after it’s approved.

EITC tax refunds 2024 Eligibility:

  • Your earnings must be less than $63,398.
  • You need to be a U.S. citizen living in the country.
  • Your investment income should be below $11,000.
  • You should have a social security number that’s okay for work and got it before your tax return is due.
  • Your tax filing status can be various things like married, single, or head of the household, but not if you’re filing as married but separately.
  • You haven’t reported income from another country.
  • Even if you don’t have kids, you might still get the EITC if you meet these rules.

EITC tax refunds Expected Amount:

The amount you get back from the EITC tax credit changes based on how much you make and how many kids you have

No. of ChildrenMarriedSingleEITC tax refund up to:
3 or more than that$63,398$56,838$7,430

How to claim your EITC 2024?

File your taxes with Form 1040 and Schedule EIC for EITC. If you’re older, use Form 1040-SR. Fill it out right to avoid issues and get your refund fast.

File online and pick direct deposit for the quickest refund. Check your refund status with the IRS’s “Where’s My Refund?” tool online or on the IRS2Go app.

Start filing was January 29. Deadline is April 15, or April 17 for Massachusetts and Maine. File soon to get your refund.

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