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Do the Amish Pay Taxes? Check Exemptions & Application Process

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The Amish do pay taxes, including sales, income, and property taxes. They’re private but law-abiding. Some Amish handle their taxes themselves, while others might hire accountants. Even though they’re not very public about it, they meet their tax responsibilities just like other citizens.

What Taxes do the Amish Pay?

The Amish pay income, sales, and property taxes. They don’t pay Social Security taxes if they work for themselves or for other Amish, which means they also don’t get Social Security benefits. They’re self-reliant and don’t use government aid programs. They’re exempt from some taxes because they don’t use the services funded by those taxes, and their religion teaches them to live without government benefits.

do amish pay taxes

What Taxes are the Amish Exempt From?

The Amish might not pay some taxes like FICA and FUTA. FICA is for Social Security and Medicare, and FUTA is for unemployment benefits. Usually, workers and employers pay these taxes so that workers can get these benefits later. But the Amish can skip these taxes because their religion says they shouldn’t use these government benefits, so they don’t.

Tax Exemptions for Amish – The Application Process:

Just being Amish or having a certain job doesn’t automatically let you skip self-employment tax. You have to ask the IRS with a special form, promising you don’t want public insurance like Social Security. You can’t have used these benefits before, either. The IRS checks your request and can say yes or no.

Not All Income is Exempt:

Once the IRS approves an exemption, it only applies to future earnings. This is valid if the person is self-employed, in a partnership with others who are also exempt, or works for an employer who is exempt. If an Amish person works for an employer without the exemption, the employer must pay FICA and FUTA taxes for them, just like for any other employee.

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