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Centrelink bonus payments 2024, Eligibility and Payment Dates

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what is the centrelink bonus payment for 2024

Centrelink bonus payments are extra funds provided by the Australian government to help individuals and families during emergencies, natural disasters, or for childcare and dependent care. These bonuses can be added to regular income support, such as the Age Pension or Family Tax Benefit. Eligibility depends on income, assets, residence, and personal circumstances.

Work Bonus Scheme for Pensioners

The Work Bonus helps Age Pensioners, Disability Support Pensioners, and Carer Payment recipients who are still working.

  • The first $300 of income earned every fortnight is not counted in the pension income test.
  • Unused amounts can be saved up to $11,800 and used later.
  • Members start with an initial $4,000 credit.
  • This benefit is individual and not shared between partners.
  • Transitional pensioners are not eligible.

For more information, visit: Work Bonus.

what is the centrelink bonus payment for 2024

Pension Bonus Scheme

This program provides extra money to those who delay claiming their Age Pension and continue working. If a member dies before claiming, their spouse may receive the payment.

  • The scheme is closed to new entrants, but existing members can stay if they work 960 hours per year.
  • This rule applies to both the individual and their partner.

For more information, visit: Pension Bonus Scheme.

Assets and Income Tests for Blind Pensioners

Blind pensioners have different rules:

  • Changes to pension payments due to the assets test do not apply unless they receive Rent Assistance.
  • Special rules may apply for payments related to their blindness.
  • Blind pensioners do not need to follow income test rules unless they receive Rent Assistance.

Centrelink provides various bonus payments and schemes to support individuals and families in need, with specific programs for pensioners and blind individuals.

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