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Canada RIT Deposit: Tax Refund Schedule and Eligibility

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What is the Canada RIT Deposit?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issues refunds called Canada Refund Income Tax Deposits (Canada RIT) when you overpay your taxes. This can happen if too much tax was deducted from your paycheck, you qualify for unclaimed tax credits or deductions, or you missed claiming some credits from previous years.

When Will You Get Your Tax Refund?

There are no fixed dates for receiving your Canada RIT deposit. The timing depends on how and when you file your taxes, and if the CRA needs to do further checks. Typically, if you file your taxes electronically, you might get your refund within two weeks. Tax season runs from February to June, and you can track the status of your refund using the “My Account” option on the CRA website.

Who Gets the Canada RIT Deposit?

Any Canadian who files a tax return can get a Canada RIT deposit if they’ve overpaid their taxes. To be eligible, you need to file a complete and accurate tax return. The CRA will then calculate your actual tax liability and refund any overpayment via a RIT deposit.

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How Do You Receive the Canada RIT Deposit?

Most Canadians receive their refunds through direct deposit. The refund will appear on your bank statement as a Canada RIT deposit. If you haven’t set up direct deposit, the CRA will send a paper check to the address they have on file for you. Make sure your CRA profile is up to date to receive your refund promptly.

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