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What is the Additional GST Payment in Canada for 2024? Details on Amounts, Dates, and Eligibility

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Extra GST Payment 2024: What You Need to Know

In 2024, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is offering extra GST payments to help Canadians with low or moderate incomes. These payments are tax-free and aim to ease the financial burden of GST for eligible individuals and families.

What is the Extra GST Payment?

The Extra GST Payment is additional financial aid provided to eligible Canadian taxpayers to help with the rising cost of living and inflation. It’s designed to assist those with lower incomes in managing their expenses.

Payment Amounts

  • Single individuals: $496
  • Married or common-law couples: $650
  • Each child under 18: $171
gst payment dates 2024

How It Works

The payment amounts depend on your adjusted family net income and the number of dependents. If your income exceeds $35,000, the payment amount decreases by 2% for every dollar above this threshold. Payments also vary depending on your province.


To qualify, you must:

  • File your income tax return with the CRA
  • Have an adjusted family net income within the specified limits
  • Include income details such as child care benefits and disability savings

Payment Dates

The CRA will distribute these payments at regular intervals throughout the year. Keep an eye on official announcements for specific dates.

Additional Information

  • GST has been increased by 9% starting January 2024.
  • Filing GST returns is essential for receiving this assistance.
  • The GST includes taxable supplies, exempt supplies, and zero-rated supplies.

Why It Matters

This extra assistance is part of the federal budget’s effort to provide targeted relief for inflation. It’s meant to support low-income households in coping with the increased cost of living.

To benefit from the Extra GST Payment, make sure you file your income tax return and meet the eligibility criteria. This financial aid can significantly help in managing everyday expenses during challenging economic times.

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